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Porti Maia Beach and part of the Port of Therma on Samothrace


Beach & Garden Paradise




Nestled in the embrace of the northern Aegean Sea, the island of Samothrace is a poetic blend of ancient mystery and breathtaking natural beauty. It whispers tales of its sacred past, home to the enigmatic Sanctuary of the Great Gods and the secretive cult of the Cabiri, whose rituals echo through time.

The island is crowned by Mount Saos, the highest peak in the Aegean, from which lush greenery and sparkling waterfalls cascade down, creating a haven of serene beauty. This mystical combination of divine history and untouched landscapes makes Samothrace not just a destination, but a romantic escape into the wonders of the natural and spiritual world.


Maia's All Day Beach & Garden Lounge

Established in 2023, Maia's is a unique and cozy All Day cafe, resto- bar with its own little beach, well reserved for the ones who have the eyes to see it, spot it and fall in love with it right at the foothills of Mount Saos overlooking the Port of Therma, in Samothrace.  ​

The port of Therma, situated on the captivating island of Samothrace, is a hub of historical and natural intrigue. Constructed in the early 20th century to enhance accessibility to the island, Therma has since evolved into a vital part of Samothrace’s infrastructure and tourism. It sits beautifully framed by the rugged mountains and verdant landscapes that are characteristic of the island.

Beyond its functionality for transportation, the port is renowned for its proximity to natural thermal springs, believed to possess therapeutic properties that draw health-seeking visitors from around the globe. Today, the port of Therma not only serves as a critical access point for explorers, yachts and sailors but also stands as a serene spot on the Northern side of Samothrace, where history and nature converge.​


Why Maia?

In a tapestry woven with threads from diverse cultures around the world, the name and meaning of Maia carry tales of warmth, growth, nurturing, and illusion. In ancient Greek mythology, Maia is the eldest of the Pleiades, the seven daughters of Atlas, revered as the nurturing mother of Hermes, the messenger god. Her name evokes the coming of spring, a season that heralds new beginnings and the flourishing of life.


Across the ocean, in Roman tradition, Maia is associated with the earth and growth, inspiring the name of the month of May, a time when nature bursts into vibrant bloom. Among the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand, 'Maia' symbolizes bravery and courage, essential traits for navigating life’s challenges. Further adding to its rich tapestry, in Latin American culture, Maia also embodies the concept of illusion, reflecting the ephemeral and often deceptive nature of appearances.


This beautiful convergence of meanings celebrates Maia as a multifaceted symbol, embodying the nurturing forces of nature, the courage required to embrace change, and the mystical allure of the unseen, which weaves through the human experience.

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Maia's Logo is in black and white. It's capital M bears a V in it, because Maia's name is tribute to the owners mother.

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