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Magnificent Samothrace : From it's heavens to it's earth.

Updated: Jun 16

In the list of the 31 best Greek islands to visit in 2024 published by National Geographic, Samothrace holds the 13th place and awaits for you this summer.

The southern rough beauty of Samothrace
samothrace south side

Quoting National Geographics article:

Magnificent Samothrace : From it's heavens to it's earth

" Samothraki, in the far northeast Aegean, is a small island with a mythical past. The Greek sea god Poseidon is said to have sat on Mount Fengari here — at 1,664m, the second highest in the Aegean — to watch the Trojan War, while in ancient times, numerous pilgrims would make the difficult voyage here to worship at the Sanctuary of the Cabeiri, or Great Gods. Now in ruins, this temple complex was home to a mystery religion, and very little is known about its secret rites. Anyone, from kings to slaves, could be initiated, and historical figures are thought to have been members — among them Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great. After, head to the village of Therma, a 10-minute drive along the coast to the east, for its hot springs and nearby waterfalls so bucolic, you’d almost expect to come across a nymph."

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